Six Great Business Communication Tools

On a daily basis, we use some critical pieces of software to help us communicate from our offices as well as remotely.

Back in 2012, Gallup data showed that 39% of employees worked remotely in some capacity, meaning they spent at least some of their time working in a location different from that of their coworkers. In 2016, that number grew by four percentage points to 43%.
Source — Gallup

During the past ten years, I have used many productivity tools, designed to simplify remote working and engage users to be more productive. Many of these lasted less than 30 minutes in my life.

However, some have stood the test of time, and I use them every day now.

Slack allows me to monitor alerts, new member activity and contact enquiries via our website. Most importantly for me, it ensures that the team can communicate on each thread and conversation quickly and efficiently.

A huge benefit for me is the seamless use via mobile app and desktop versions, whereby I can switch my notifications around if needed or when inactive.

WhatsApp allows our team to discuss ideas and mind dump instantly, while on the go.

Creating groups with only the relevant team members are excellent at ensuring that valuable information is actioned.

LinkedIn allows me to grow my professional network and build relatable connections on a global scale.

I used to take LinkedIn for granted, mainly because I did not understand its full potential as a channel. While technically not a remote working tool, it allows for collaboration through open and closed professional networking groups.

Hootsuite allows me to manage our entire social media presence, followers, content and prompt customer service.

This information is driven by our team, who can update, edit and engage with our customers while being utterly remote from a fixed office location.

Asana is excellent at ensuring our project are controlled and manageable. You organise your projects in a list or board format, and there’s even a search function to ensure that you find what you’re looking for quickly.

It is a beneficial way to stay super-organised and facilitate discussion when it comes to project updates.

Email had to make my list. Despite being around a long time, it outlasts every other point of contact and collaboration within a business.

In fact, email is used so often that 281.1 billion of them are expected to be sent and received in 2018.
Source — Radicati Group

These are tools and solutions I continue to use every day, What communication software do you use every day that you just couldn’t function without?

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