Things not to do when managing a social media account

Following on from my recent article looking at automation in social media and how it can severely impact your business (Social Automation: Don’t do it), it was the perfect time to look at some common business social media mistakes.

Here is my break down of things NOT TO DO when managing a social media account, especially your businesses.

Not a hard one to come across in the social media universe.

A business or individual that posts content more often than not.

People will follow you socially because they like you, your business and more importantly the content you create and share. Posting too frequently can impact a personal opinion of your content and can be classed as web-spam.

It is likely that you have got a lot to say or share but pick and choose the best platform and time for your content to be shared.

You do not have to post 24/7 to become a go-to resource.

If your content is good quality, little and often will work better and impacts on value to your followers.

The most prominent and commonly seen social media mistake that will now see you penalised by some social networks and will almost certainly lose the interest of your audience.

Like-baiting, following the likes of link-baiting for SEO, is the practice of using controversial headlines to stir up social attention for more likes and clicks.

Think ‘fake news’ headlines, you click on a post, to discover that the content is nothing to do with the headline. More often than not, it rarely provides the reader with any real or new insightful information.

When you are too vain to talk or mention anything else, other than your own business and service. Sadly you do not have to venture very far to uncover this practice. It goes without saying that this social media mistake will very quickly dampen any potential marketing effort and the results you have.

You will also find that you are more often than not talking to yourself as your audience will merely unfollow and switch off.

Although this may seem like a very daunting task at the outset, you can quickly get yourself up to speed with coming and goings in the social media universe.

I am myself a member of several social media eLearning academies, for example, Hootsuite University and Flight School as well as having my favourite and highly useful blogs and resources to keep ahead of the millions of daily updates that happen on any given social network.

Keeping yourself and your business up to date with any changes to the social media platforms you use can go a long way when running a successful social media campaign.

A relatively prominent social media mistake here, but I have started to see this a lot more recently. Part of running a business is dealing with feedback, whether that is negative or positive. Simply ignoring or even worse deleting the harmful elements can have a more significant impact than you can imagine on your business.

Social media is as public and instant as you can get when it comes to customer service. Replying in a timely, well-mannered way to any negativity on your feeds will not only highlight to the concerned customer at the time, that you value them but also highlight very publicly how you have turned a negative (unhappy) customer into a positive (happy) customer.

Deleting comments is a big no-no when it comes to social unless the comment itself is abusive and or threatening.

One of the biggest social media mistakes I see businesses make is no apparent strategy or targets. Going into social media blind is almost certainly going to send you in circles, especially if you have no clear objectives or goals.

Do something great or not at all.

Spend some time before you start posting social updates to consider the following:

What do you want to achieve?
Who is your target audience?
Where do your customers hang out socially?
What is your source of content?
Do you have a goal for four weeks / eight weeks / 16 weeks time?
Should you outsource the planning to a professional?

Throughout your business career and growth, you will have had stages of planning and apparent targets to achieve, social media marketing should not be an exception.

Having an actionable plan and strategy will not only help your profiles, audience and reach grow but also all you to measure your ROI and justify the time and money spent.

“Build it, and they will come” only works in the movies. Social Media is a “build it, nurture it, engage them, and they may come and stay.” Seth Godin,

Passionate about #SocialMedia #Marketing and always eager to connect with other marketers and creative individuals.

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